Pedigree Analysis - by Cynthia Hecht

    Commander’s Stud Muffin has 31 out of a possible 31 Double Copy Mares by pedigree.  Possible X-Factor “large heart” traces are 242 in his pedigree, which is 87 over average, with 72 traces on the heart line alone, which is 29 over average.  This indicates a high percentage of Thoroughbred blood, which can result in extreme speed and stamina.  

    The number of traces to legendary show horse and sire, Rex McDonald, is also unusual.  WGC CH Boucheron had 29 of the 32 fifth generation horses trace to him.  Commander’s Stud Muffin has 32 of 32 traces to Rex McDonald, 92 on his sire’s side, 83 on his dam’s side, totaling 175.  There is also a very rare number of 6 traces to founding sire, Denmark.

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Commander's Stud Muffin

He may have a funny name,
but we are serious about the breeding business.

 By (SA) Zovoorbij Commander in Chief and out of the stakes winning gaited mare, Raytown’s Sweet Revenge, this talented stud was trained as a five gaited horse and show-ring ready in 2007, but due to his extreme gameness, never made it into the show ring.  His first crop was born in 2010.  

Stud Fee:  Private Treaty

Mare Care:  $20/day

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